Weego Baby Carrier
  • especially designed double-pouch construction
  • for babies from 0 - 24 months
  • "grows" with the baby
  • easy to handle
  • easily adjustable for growing baby and to fit different people
  • 3 carrying positions

There are many baby carriers. However, unfortunately many do not meet even the basic requirements for a good baby carrier. In particular, the baby's legs must not hang down straight but should be bent at an angle of at least 90 ("frog-like-position"). The baby's back should be supported enough to bring the baby close to the person carrying it. The baby's head should be supported properly and fully. The smaller the baby, the more important the compliance with these criteria.

The especially designed double pouch construction of the Weego Baby Carrier guarantees that your baby is always secure, comfortable and cosy:

  • The inner pouch supports your baby's back
  • The outer pouch supports your baby's head and neck and protects your baby
  • The outer pouch, in connection with the shaped inner pouch, always ensures the "frog-like-position"
  • The Weego easily adjusts for growing baby and to fit different people carrying the baby.

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Weego Baby Carrier