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Eltern Zeitschrift

Test Winner

ELTERN, the biggest German parenting magazine, reviewed 9 baby carriers and 6 slings. In this test, Weego was the only baby carrier for newborns that received the rating "+" in all assessed features (easy handling, inner pouch seat, outer pouch, padded shoulder straps and comfort straps for weight distribution). The article can be downloaded (in German) here (about 600 KB). The Weego Baby Carrier and the Weego TWIN have been recommended numerous times by Eltern and other parenting magazines.

Online there is an article on Eltern.de which deals with the buying criteria of a baby carrier. Also here Weego is specifically recommended.

Weego is in professional use in leading Hospitals

Weego Babycarriers are not only being used at home but also in professional care in newborn and neonatal intensive care units of many leading hospitals (e.g. Munich, Hamburg, Bonn, Berlin, Cologne, Tubingen, Zurich, Winterthur, Vienna, Salzburg and Linz). Doctors, Physical Therapists and Midwives have tested the Weego, as well as the Weego PREEMIE and the Weego TWIN and recommend their use.

"Based on my own experience, I recommend usage of the Weego soft baby carrier in NICU applications. It provides sensory stimulation for premature neonates (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and vibration) to support developmental gains and promote better, deeper sleep. It is a practical tool that provides physical and psychosocial benefits to infants while easing the demands on professional staff and other caregivers."

Nicholas Cunningham, MD,DrPH, Prof.Em. of Clinical Pediatrics, Columbia University, New York City.

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